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The development of the Free Community WiFi programme has only been possible with the generous support from the organisations listed below. These organisations have worked with us to, not only provide funding in some instances, but importantly also to install equipment in their premises - with Gateway access points connected to their broadband service or by simply providing power for a Repeater access point. Click on an image to access the individual web sites of these partners where available.

If the Community WiFi is not yet available at your favourite coffee shop, pub, restaurant or other general meeting place, why not ask them to contact us at wifi at marlborougharea.org to see how we could work with them.

It is a very easy process to join the community - click here for more details - and support for this project from any local business/organisation is welcomed.

Marlborough & District Conservative Club

Kennet Valley Hall

Valentiner Designs
Fair Isle fabric shop

Wiltshire Council: Marlborough Area Board We would also like to thank the Wiltshire Council Marlborough Area Board for the grants provided in October 2013 and March 2015 which allow us to deploy a number of additional nodes in the Area and to make our operational processes more sustainable.

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WiFi Passport Vouchers: click here for details about the annual WiFi Passport Vouchers.