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This Visitor Attraction Directory lists all the Blue Plaques that are to be found in and around Marlborough town centre that have been linked together into a circular walk, more details of which, plus an on-line map, can be found by clicking here.

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William Golding house: Blue Plaque A

William Golding: 1911-1993 author and Nobel Literature Laureate lived in a house by The Green in Marlborough.

"Our house was on The Green, that close-like square, tilted south"

Battle of Marlborough: Blue Plaque B

Near this place, on 5th December 1642, a Royalist army fought their way into the town and defeated the Parliamentary garrison.

Shakespeare's company: Blue Plaque C

The Lord Chamberlain's Men (Shakespeare's company) performed in the courtyard of The White Hart through this archway in the 1590's.

"All the world's a stage"

Samuel Pepys: Blue Plaque D

In 1668 Samuel Pepys, the diarist, stayed in this building which was previously part of the 'Hart' inn and found:

"a pretty fair town for a street or two" with "pent-houses supported with pillars which makes it a good walk"

Eglantyne Mary Jebb: Blue Plaque E

Eglantyne Mary Jebb (1876-1928), founder of the 'Save The Children Fund' taught in this building when it was St Peter's School.

Statutes of Marlborough: Blue Plaque F

The Statutes of Marlborough 1267, Henry III: an Act of Parliament passed in the Great Hall of Marlborough Castle near this place.

"He made many statutes for the betterment of his realm and the manifestation of Common Justice"

Thomas Wolsey ordained: Blue Plaque G

Thomas Wolsey (1473-1530), Cardinal, Archbishop of York and Lord Chancellor of England, was ordained as a priest in St Peter's church on 10th March 1498.

Great Fire of Marlborough: Blue Plaque H

The Great Fire of Marlborough began near this place on 28th April 1653 at the house of Francis Freemen, tanner:

"where in three hours were consumed at least 250 houses"

Hancock brothers: Blue Plaque I

Thomas Hancock (1786-1865), inventor of the vulcanisation process for rubber, and his brother Walter Hancock (1799-1852), inventor of the passenger steam road carriage, lived here.

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