Development Trust Membership

The Development Trust is keen to recruit new members who would like to make a pro-active contribution to the development of the Marlborough area.

Your active involvement in any of our areas of work would be greatly appreciated since building our membership ensures that a greater cross-section of the community can contribute to the work we do.

Before applying for membership you might want to review the other material about the Development Trust on this web site as well as the company's Articles of Association which can be downloaded from here - so you fully understand how the Development Trust is organised and what membership involves.

Then to apply for membership please download the application form here - which should be printed out, filled in and either posted back to us at the address on the form, or scanned and emailed back to us. Importantly as part of your application to become a Member you should let us know what role/project you would propose to become involved with.


More about the Development Trust: