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"Every single customer has been delighted with the experience; the ease of use; ease of understanding the instructions; and the signal strength. Negatives - none! Apart from why don't other sites in the High Street do it ...................!"

Bob Holman - The Food Gallery High St., Marlborough

Free Community WiFi The Marlborough Area Development Trust's Free Community WiFi system is being progressively rolled out and WiFi services are currently available throughout the centre of Marlborough and at various locations in the surrounding villages.

The development of the programme has only been possible with the generous support from a large number of local organisations - see the WiFi Partners page for more details.

Maps are now also available showing access point locations in the Town and the surrounding villages - use the links immediately below:

All the Community WiFi information pages:

WiFi Passport Vouchers: click here for details about the annual WiFi Passport Vouchers.