Free Community WiFi

MADT Community WiFi The Marlborough Area Free Community WiFi combines the broadband services provided on a voluntary basis from a number of different premises across the Marlborough Area and is being developed and coordinated by the Development Trust.

The service began to be rolled out in 2011, and there is now extensive coverage in the centre of Marlborough, the main areas of Avebury, as well community areas in Aldbourne, Ramsbury and Lockeridge - click through to the Community Wifi Availability page for more details and access to maps of the coverage in all the areas.

The system enables a free WiFi service to be available, for anyone who lives, studies or works here or is making an extended visit to the Marlborough Area.

Specific places where the service is available may be indicated by the image, shown above right, being displayed somewhere in a prominent position but it is often available even if you cannot see the sign anywhere.

  • To use the individual WiFi services you simply 'find' the WiFi network called "Free Community WiFi" with your laptop, tablet or smart phone in whatever way your device does this.
  • Then, select this network in whatever way your device does this,  and start your browser.
  • Your browser will then be automatically directed to a Development Trust 'WiFi access portal' with a screen that looks like the image below:

Access Portal Screen Shot

  • From this screen you can either:
    • click the "Continue" button which will give you 20 minutes of internet access, or
    • you can enter an access code, which is available in the form of an annual Passport Voucher, and then you click the "Login" button.
  • In either case you will then 'land' on a Welcome page and thereafter you have access to the internet and can browse to other sites, etc.
  • Passport Voucher codes:
    • These are available for on-line purchase as annual 'Passport' Vouchers, to simplify and automate access, as a convenience for frequent users.  Each Voucher has a unique access code that will avoid the repetitious 20 minute access cycle. The code is valid for two devices for 12 months, and once used for the first time as described above, you are automatically on-line whenever you are connected to the 'Free Community WiFi' without having to go through the 'WiFi access portal'.
    • The Development Trust is making these long-term Vouchers available for a nominal cost to anyone that lives, works or studies here or is making an extended visit to the Marlborough Area - see WiFi Passport Vouchers for more details.
    • Once you have an access code you can enter it at the 'WiFi access portal' - but please note, it is case-sensitive and all new Voucher codes must be initially used (to start the 'usage clock') within 90 days of issue or else the code is deleted from the system.
    • You will then have the 12 months of simplified access - starting from the time you entered the code.
    • It should be noted however that you cannot transfer the Voucher code to another device once it has been used by either of the two devices, but you can use it at any location where the Free Community WiFi service is available - as long as the designated annual duration has not elapsed.


It should be noted that the Community WiFi network is intended for occasional use when away from your normal home or business systems and is subject to a Fair Use Policy that is policed.

Users that abuse this policy, for example with persistent high volume use, very large downloads, etc., may have their access withdrawn without notice, and could be barred from future use.

We have also now implemented a content blocking facility to all Community WiFi access points so that any user accessing the Internet using the Community WiFi will not be able to access web sites which have been designated as 'unsuitable'.



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