Marlborough Blue Plaque Walklink

This circular walk, which starts at the Town Hall at the east end of the High Street, provides a gentle stroll of about 2.5km and shows you some of the history of Marlborough through the nine Blue Plaques that are displayed throughout the Town.
The map below shows you the route with the nine Plaques (A to I) marked as Blue Plaque 32w .

Each of these Plaque icons are 'clickable' to show a pop-up that gives you a little bit of detail about each Plaque, and a link in the pop-up text can then take you to a detailed web page for that Plaque or click here for the Directory listing of links to all nine Plaque web pages.

Each section of the walk is also clickable to show a pop-up that provides some additional information about that section of the walk (hover your mouse over a section of the path shown in purple and it will change to yellow and when you click it, it changes to black) or click here to download all the narrative text as a PDF for the entire length of the walk.

The map below can also be downloaded as a PDF by clicking here.

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