About the Development Trust

Marlborough Area Development Trust is a non-profit-making voluntary organisation undertaking projects that help to develop the Marlborough area. Our aims are simple, to strike a balance between the economic, social and environmental evolution of the Marlborough area and to ensure that it is a vibrant, successful and pleasant place to live, work and visit; both now and in the future.

We are not only concerned with Marlborough Town but with all 19 parishes which go to make up the Marlborough Community Area as well as 7 parishes that are now in the Pewsey Community Area.

This area stretches from Avebury and the Winterbournes in the West; to Chilton Foliat and Froxfield in the East; Broad Hinton and Baydon in the North; and to Grafton in the South. A map of this area is available here and this map page also provides links to individual detailed pages for each of the 26 parishes.

Established in 2000 the Development Trust has helped to deliver a wide range of projects via a broad spectrum of events and partnerships and this community web site now acts as the primary repository for the details of everything that we do.


More about the Development Trust: